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The Shelter Pet Project



Rachel Hopkins


Garland, TX


Garland Animal Shelter

Why Roxy is so special:

Roxy is so special to us. We were looking for a small, mature dog and, well, we got the exact opposite. She was dumped in a field when she was about four months old, and our city was doing an adoption event. We saw her scruffy face and her larger-than-life paws, and when she put her head on my chest, we wouldn't resist. Roxy teaches us every day to relax, have fun, and to let go of the small stuff.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Roxy would probably say, "Quit buying me so many toys, and just give me the tennis ball." I think she would say that she loves when we play hide and seek with her and that she loves it when we scratch her belly. And, thanks for letting her chase the squirrels.

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