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The Shelter Pet Project



Stephen & Janet Tideman


Newfoundland, NJ


Tri-Boro Animal Welfare

Why Shadow is so special:

Shadow has the sweetest disposition - after a hard life, she just enjoys every day. She loves meeting new friends - either two- or four-legged! She is playful and loving, and whether we're hiking or napping, she wants to be part of the plan.
At any one time, there are hundreds of thousands of pets looking for homes - we could not bring ourselves to buy one when so many needed help. This 'pound dog' has brought us hours of happiness, and we hope we've made her life a little easier too!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My people are pretty good overall, although they never understand HOW MANY biscuits and belly rubs a girl really needs in a day! I try to make it clear but sometimes they just seem to be focused on things other than me...

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