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The Shelter Pet Project



Miranda Long


Greensboro, NC


Guilford County Animal Shelter

Why Pongo is so special:

Pongo is a prefect fit to our little household. Our younger puppy, Atlas, needed a playmate so badly; so we sought out our local animal shelter. When we first met Pongo, it was honestly love at first sight. Watching this puppy jumping up and down, tongue hanging out, we knew we had to take this puppy home. We have had him now for almost two months and he has made our household a beautiful and loving place.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I love my new house! I love my new brother - he is almost as hyper as I am! I have a weird sister though. She has big ears, a fluffy cotton tail, and likes to hop all around the house. I love my mom and dad! They let sit up on the couch and watch television with them! But most of all I love the time I spend running in the back yard with my brother, cuddling up on the bed, and learning new tricks!

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