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The Shelter Pet Project



Eileen O'Brien


Litchfield, NH


Charlevoix Area Humane Society

Why Junior is so special:

I was visiting the shelter to make a food donation, when this little tabby guy walked up to me and demanded to be picked up! I learned he and his litter mates had been found in a restaurant dumpster by an employee - about 90 minutes prior to pick-up! Just had to take him home after that. To this day, he still likes french fries and raids the trash on a regular basis!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

She doesn't know it, buy my cat mother has a SUCKER FOR CATS sign on her forehead, visible only to felines. She's been very good to me, even though she adopted three more highly unworthy cats after me. That's OK; I was here first, and I'm the boss. Life is good.

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