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The Shelter Pet Project



Lawrence Ingalls


Charlevoix, MI


Little Traverse Bay Humane Society

Why Nancy is so special:

Nancy was in a group of rescues in Grand Rapids. I guess the shelter there was running out of room, so our local shelter took them. My late wife fell in love with Nancy, who at the time was tiny with a pencil-thin tail and a pitiful cry. We took her home, pepped her up, and now she and our other two cats run our lives. She's shy, gentle and likes me best, and together we watch football.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

The lady's nice, but the man is great. I sit with him for hours on a warm blanket while he watches TV and the lady waits on us. I even get snacks, and the other cats have to stay away. Lucky me!

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