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The Shelter Pet Project


Max A Pooch


Keith Sanderson


Deerfield, IL


Orphans of the Storm

Why Max A Pooch is so special:

Max A Pooch is so special because he turns green in attitude when we go for walks - he becomes the recycled Lab who picks up litter. Max seeks outs and retrieves discarded cans and bottles, then deposits them in recycling containers - proving that reducing litter and recycling is so easy, even a pooch can do it. Max is proof of the incredible animals that are waiting to be rescued.
Together we have been on radio and TV and more. Learn more about him at

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Max would say that he recycled and repurposed me. As a cancer survivor, I lost my job when I returned to work. A few years later, I lost another job when my employer relocated. I was devastated when I couldn't find another job. Max recycled and repurposed me through his eagerness and spirit, and by showing me that we could make a difference talking to people about recycling (dogs and litter).

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