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The Shelter Pet Project




Mary Jaeger


San Diego, CA


Shelter Pet Partners of San Diego

Why Bella is so special:

When I first saw her picture, she looked so sad. She came from a puppy mill and had been abused. She was skittish, afraid of people, dogs and noise. When she first came to my home, she immediately jumped into her bed that I had made for her, and now she follows me like a duckling. I love her! She is the VERY BEST Angel that came into my life 4 years ago. She is the reason I wake up and go out several times a day. I meet people and my heart is lifted by her every DAY! She is my baby and a blessing.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My mommy loves me & takes me to see Grandma Sally. I love to go to Aunt Judy's to see my dog friends Mikey, Dogmeat and I get lots of treats!! Even though I have a 'crush' on Manny who lives in our complex (he gives me treats), my mom loves me MOST. She massages me and takes the best care of me. She calls me Sweet Best Girl, Bella Wella, Circus Girl (I walk on curbs), Crooked Smile Girl - I am so happy now!

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