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The Shelter Pet Project


Ada Lovelace


Jolleen Filio


West Covina, CA


Beagles and Buddies

Why Ada Lovelace is so special:

Like her namesake, Ada is a very smart dog - she knows her commands in English, Japanese, and hand signals! She's a lazy bum at home, but when we go out cycling or playing in the park, she is full of energy. We were looking at several other dogs, but took Ada home at the the shelter's suggestion. They really worked with us to pick the perfect dog for our family. We are eternally grateful to Beagles and Buddies for saving Ada from the pound and giving her a chance to be part of our wacky bunch!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I think she would say, "Mama teaches me funny things, but I like doing them for the treats! I also like being her biking buddy."

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