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The Shelter Pet Project




Melissa Logan


Newton, NJ


Animal Haven

Why Sol is so special:

Despite abandonment, clear signs of prior abuse, and a surprising diagnosis of early stage renal failure at age 2, Sol has proven himself to be a dream dog. He loves everyone, no matter what age or species. He was the best foster kitten "mom" - gentle, attentive, careful. When I am sick or sad, he will stretch his lanky body out next to me so every inch of his back is touching me. He is loyal, obedient, and when you look in his eyes you can tell he has a soul. He's a special dog for sure.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

That I am a fierce and persistent protector of all my pups, and if I sense something is wrong, there's nothing I wouldn't do to set it right again.

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