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The Shelter Pet Project


Dooby Marie Jerome Persson


Kim Persson


Denville, NJ


A Quirky Lady in Upstate NY

Why Dooby Marie Jerome Persson is so special:

A lifelong UN-dog person, my conversion happened while on vacation in Italy in March 2006. I became smitten with the sophisticated packs of pet Corgis wandering around Venice as if they were going for cappucinos together without their humans. My Corgi-mix, Doobs' legend: rescued after wandering around TN post-Katrina, then transported to NC, then finally to upstate NY by a modern-day underground pet railroad-rescue. Doobs is my furry 3rd son.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Why must you let that Chihuahua visit? She is soooo annoying. Let's exercise more, snack less and yes, I do think there ought to be a Bring Your Pet to Work Day.

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