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The Shelter Pet Project




Stephanie Johnson


Stevens Point, WI


Coulee Region Humane Society

Why Boo is so special:

I've ALWAYS loved dogs and I was moving in with my boyfriend who was still attending school. We decided we wanted a pet to keep us both company when either one of us might be home alone. We looked on Petfinder and instantly fell in love with Boo the Beagle. We were so nervous that he'd go to another home, but I called again the next day to explain how much we wanted him and that we just knew he was "our dog." And he really is. He's so cuddly yet so energetic and quirky: he fits right in!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

They spoil me but that's because I'm king of the house! Dad always takes me out to explore the world and mom always sneaks me extra treats and brings home new toys. I love to cuddle at night on the couch with mom and jump in the bed in the morning to wake them up before they're loud buzzing thing goes off. Whenever I see them hugging or dancing or tickling, I always need to get right in the middle! I love my home.

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