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The Shelter Pet Project


Scarlet O'Hara


Sara Williams


Seattle, WA


Seattle Animal Shelter

Why Scarlet O'Hara is so special:

My ex sister-in-law was a volunteer at the shelter and she told me about some kittens who had been rescued from an abusive home. All the cats were adopted and only one was left - it was a girl, and she didn't let people come near her. At five months, she already had stopped trusting people. I took her with me anyway and gave her all the love I could and I can't imagine me without her.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Mom loves me very much; she's always taking care of me and giving me so much love. I really enjoy it when we go to mom's hometown: there I have lots of places to go because the house is very big. I also love my brother Zero and my sister Nina; they are very comfortable to sleep near.

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