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The Shelter Pet Project




Cece Wedel


Washington, DC


Lost Dog and Cat Animal Rescue

Why Elmo is so special:

When I first found Elmo in a YouTube video from the rescue group, I knew I had to have him. So did several other families...but after 3 intense hours of interviewing, I finally took home my little "Chipuggle." What makes Elmo so special is first of all, his lack of a clear breed - he's definitely a puggle but he's tiny - thus my invention of the breed "Chipuggle." He's the most friendly, loving dog and within 5 seconds of meeting you, will be licking your face and sleeping in your arms.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Mom, I love having a warm home and a nice bed to sleep in - much better than when I was living on the streets. That's why I will happily wear anything you make me wear - sunglasses, Patriots jerseys, Halloween costumes...just name it, I'll wear it :)

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