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The Shelter Pet Project




Vicky Thrasher


Bakersfield, CA


Bakersfield SPCA

Why Darby is so special:

Darby is the goofiest, funkiest dog I've ever had the pleasure to own. He's a mix of such undetermined heritage that when I'm asked what breed he is, I reply, "Adopted!" Loyal to his family, his cats, his toys and his food bowl, Darby makes every day an adventure in fun.

Anyone looking for a forever friend should head straight to their local shelter, where every kennel holds love waiting to be discovered, maybe by you!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Darby says, "Mom loves pets of all kinds, even funky dogs like me! She makes sure I have everything I need to be healthy, happy and safe, though I wouldn't mind if she were a little more free-handed with the treats."

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