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The Shelter Pet Project




Lis Carey


Lawrence, MA


Stray Pets in Need of Massachusetts

Why Retsina is so special:

Retsina was 1.5 pounds and sick when I adopted her at four months old. She had leapt into my arms crying Momma! and I convinced them I would do whatever was needed. :) It was a food intolerance; she couldn't have beef! A year later, I took in two tiny kittens whose momma could not cope. Retsina adopted them, and nursed them. She was all love, for everyone, but it was me she crawled under the covers with to sleep.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

That I was her MOMMA!, and why did I take four months to show up at the shelter where she was waiting for me?

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