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The Shelter Pet Project




Amy Allen


Jasper, GA


Pickens Animal Shelter

Why Sophie/Sackett is so special:

They are brother and sister managed to stay together 12 long years including two in the shelter. They love each other and stick together, always looking out, one for the other. Took some time, but very loving dogs.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

This crazy lady has a whole passel of mutts and wants us to all get along and not fight. So fine. She also thinks we should wander around with no strings and be happy and eat whenever we want. She even pets us a lot and loves all of us. None of us had this before. It's weird. Except the Great Dane. He's real old and sleeps all day. I'm not sure of his story. We live deep, deep in the woods now in an old cabin. We still eat any cardboard we find and tear up books and eat the pages. Mom thinks this may be what we ate when we didn't have anything else. So, since books is pretty much all she has in the house, no furniture or anything, she's balanced them all up high where we can't reach. Sometimes she catches me looking at them drooling and gives us treats instead. She's pretty cool, I guess. We'll see if she sticks around. She does sleep on the floor next to me during storms and hold me. Storms scare me so bad I can't move except to shake. I get all frozen, can't respond to anyone but my sis, I just lie in a corner and shake. Mom found me like that the other night. She was on the phone talking one of her PTSD kid clients through the storm and came and laid down and held me and talked us both through. That's my mom.
My pic is included. My sis looks just like me, only with longer hair. And she's bossy. This was my first night here. We slept in the bed with my mom because we were scared.

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