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The Shelter Pet Project




Sara Warren


Guthrie, OK


Guthrie Animal Shelter

Why Shelby is so special:

Shelby was surrendered to the shelter when her boy's dad passed away from cancer. Her boy's grandparents had to care for him, and they were too frail to care for a very large lab too. Her sad eyes begged me to love her, epilepsy and all. And so I brought home a senior dog with special needs that day. She has brought more joy and happiness than I can even express to our family! She loves her girls, and tolerates toddler hugs interrupting her naps!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I love my people. I protect my girls. I pretend to not like it when the baby rubs yogurt on me, but I really love it, because I get to go lay in the corner and lick it off....can we say FREE SNACK?!

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