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The Shelter Pet Project




Jeana Pieralde


Danville, California


Contra Costa Animal Services Pinole

Why Guido is so special:

Guido was a diamond in the rough. He was a mess when we first saw him. His hair was matted and filthy. He was so scared he trembled and peed all over the visiting room. He finally came to us and we knew that he was going home with us. We had lost our last dog of 16 years a few weeks earlier and weren't looking for another dog yet. We were so devastated at our loss that to this day we couldn't tell you why we drove 40 miles to that shelter in a rain storm, but we are so glad we did!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

These two were sad when I met them. All of us were a little traumatized. My old owner had gotten sick and couldn't care for me any more. I was left in her rental home's garage in the rain and cold. I was a mess and frightened by the time these two saw me at the shelter. I was hungry so they came back the next day with food and convinced the shelter staff to give me bath. I had to neutered and after a very long week they came back and took me home. I have been here awhile now and LOVE these two. They are helping me learn to socialize. I get lots of walks and toys, none of which I had before. The food is great and I really like the Chicken.

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