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The Shelter Pet Project




Bob and Susan Lowe


New Freedom, PA


Molly's Place

Why Autumn is so special:

This is Autumn. Our 17 1/2 year old tabby Toby passed away in 2013. Before he left us we promised him we would adopt a senior or ill cat who no one else wanted. Several months after Toby left us we found this young lady who had upper respiratory issues; looked a sight with eye discharges and matted fur. She literally fell into Susan's arms when we found her. Today she is healthy, loving and grateful and shares our home with us and Stevie, a Torbie from the same shelter.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Bob is my boyfriend and Susan is my best friend and the food lady who puts yummy food in my and Stevie's dishes every day. I'm a princess at this is my kingdom :)

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