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The Shelter Pet Project




Megan Ciesla


Buffalo, NY


Furever Friends through Erie Co. SPCA

Why Shirley is so special:

Shirley was a puppy mill breeder. She was rescued by Furever Friends rescue & adopted through my local SPCA. I read a lot about the special needs of such dogs due to physical & emotional injuries commonly sustained due to inhumane puppy mill practices. I was prepared to adopt a very wounded dog. I was surprised to find Shirley to be a sweet & affectionate girl! She even jumps up on the couch & snuggles with me & naps as my little spoon! She is having trouble learning to pee outside, though.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I think she would say: "I love my new humans! I love my new house! I love candy! My woman naps on the couch with me and holds me close and I'm not afraid at all! She takes me for 3 walks every day and I smell every tree! My man is very tall and that scares me sometimes but then he sits down and shares his candy with me and he pets me and tells me I'm a good dog! I love my humans!

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