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The Shelter Pet Project




Stephanie Fielding


Fitchburg, MA


Lucky Lab Rescue

Why Dutch is so special:

Each and every morning we wake up to the "Dutch Butt Shuffle" because he's just so darn excited it's morning and we're all awake to play again. He spends his days chasing our cats and eating our shoelaces, and then every night we lift up the covers and he hunkers down in with us for bed!
Dutch amazes everyone he meets with what a gentleman he is at such a young age. He's actually so well-behaved we're working on getting him trained to be a therapy dog!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Dutch would tell you about how many awesomely chewy socks we have, about his best friend Zsa Zsa the cat (also a shelter pet!), and how much he loves to sniff the wind and go for car rides to anywhere!

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