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The Shelter Pet Project


Jub Jub


Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch


Washington, DC


Washington Animal Rescue League

Why Jub Jub is so special:

Jub Jub is the toast of the neighborhood, which is no surprise, because she is the friendliest pup you'll ever meet. She loves people, and especially loves to meet new canine friends! When we walk her, strangers come up and say, "Oh, is that Jub Jub? Can I say hi?!?" She's a neighborhood star, basically. At the end of a busy day, she loves to sit with us and chew a tasty bone. We are so happy to have adopted her.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

HI I'M JUB JUB! I love you already. Will you pet me? Will you play with me? How about you throw my rope toy and I'll go get it? Then you can chase me! Then I'll sit with you. I love you so much!!! I'm so happy we're friends.

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