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The Shelter Pet Project




Liz Stark


, OH


Angels For Animals

Why Chooey is so special:

Chooey is unlike any other. Sometimes I'm not even sure if she's really a dog. She stretches like a cat, howls like a wolf, dances like a monkey, and smiles like a toddler. Abandoned in a box, one would think she was too much to handle. Apparently she just had too much love and care in her, and her previous owners were intimidated. How could anyone not enjoy the company of such a sweet little companion?

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

In a way I must thank whoever put me in a box outside of the shelter. I would have never been graced with the joys of my "new" forever-family. Chooey is the perfect name for me. But what's with the spelling, you may ask? I chew a lot - especially with my snaggletooth. And my shiny, blonde, well-groomed fur makes me stylish. The stylish part of my name is after the shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. Oh yeah, I like to chew shoes too. I am a special snaggletoothed shelter pup, indeed. One look at me, and you'll agree. Sometimes the best things really do come in small packages - and they're covered with fur.

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