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The Shelter Pet Project




Mary Kate Costello


Alexandria, Virginia


Washington Humane Society (now Washington Rescue Alliance)

Why Mogul is so special:

Mogul, surrendered for unfair reasons unbeknownst to me, was already 14.5 years when I adopted him. His foster moms told me to anticipate him passing as soon as weeks after adopting him. He blessed me with 1.5 years of puppy love.

Mogul, deaf when I adopted him, was only called "Pug" by his original family, and then "Sonny" by the shelter. He became my #1 sidekick immediately.

It was amazing to see the puppy in Mogul come out during the "decrepit" years of his life.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I'd like to think that Mogul now knows I told him when I adopted him that "even though I know you're deaf, I'm going to tell you I love you every day."

"I was so deeply loved by MK that I cannot remember my loveless home before her. She took me absolutely everywhere and always made sure I was comfortable. She even wheeled me around in a cheetah-print stroller when walking farther than a quick relief became too painful for my old joints and bones, despite my mess 2x/day.

She spoiled me with treats, scratched my ears often because I no longer could, and kept me clean and incredibly well-fed - and I still lost 5lbs!

She rescued me, but I know I saved MK, too. Her mom was really sick when we met and then passed away; we ended up really relying on and needing each other for comfort and love in the 1.5 years we were together.

Now, I visit her in her dreams from the Rainbow Bridge. I jump around in circles and play with toys as I run up to her.

I'm pain-free and young again forever now, and am so glad I got to get a taste of my puppy-ness again when MK took me in as her baby for my latter years.

I love you, Mama."

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