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The Shelter Pet Project




Michael Ibarra


Irvine, California


A Home 4 Ever

Why Enso is so special:

Enso is a rescue from A Home 4 Ever. Enso was saved from a high kill shelter and brought to the puppy playhouse for training. When we met Enso he was as calm and loving as I have ever seen any dog. He jumps close to 6 ft, which I saw first hand when he greeted me at 5' 11" with a lick on the cheek. He has been a blessing and has been great to our friends and family.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Hey Fur Family, this is Enso the Poo. I love my new family. I have traveled the whole west coast searching for a home and at last I can say I found it. My humans are young like me, but also are new to being doggy parents. Lucky for them I am a model pup, thanks to A Home 4 Ever and Puppy Playhouse Training in Costa Mesa. I keep them calm by rewarding them with hugs and kisses every now and then when they do something right. So far can't complain. I am truly grateful for them :)

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