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The Shelter Pet Project


Magic Mike


DJ Wilson


San Jose, California


Miami-Dade Animal Services

Why Magic Mike is so special:

I adopted Magic Mike from a high kill shelter in Medley, Florida, a suburb of Miami. He was rescued from a dog fighting ring where he was set to be killed as a bait dog. It was love at first sight when I saw his photo online. I knew I had to have him and I was just hoping he'd still be available when I got there. MDAS is forced to euthanize dogs every day due to drastic overcrowding in its shelter. Dogs don't typically last more than 3 days if people aren't showing interest. Magic Mike lasted there for almost 3 weeks because the staff loved him so much and was hoping someone would appreciate him. When he was confiscated from the dog fighting ring, he was covered in mites, ticks and had a burn mark on his nose from having a rope tied around his face. Ironically, the marking on his nose was what caught my attention when I first saw a photo of him. It was unique. Fortunately, it went away within about a month of my adopting him. 5 years later, Magic Mike has become a Bay Area boy as he moved back home to California with me after I graduated from the University of Miami. His hobbies include football, baseball, tug of war and chasing female dogs. He is so smart and instinctive and I really couldn't ask for a better dog. Our mutual love makes every day special. Adopting a shelter pet was the only route I considered while living in South Florida because of how many are euthanized every day but the truth is, they really do know they've been saved. Magic Mike looks at me in a way that says, "Thank you for saying my life" but I always say he saved mine because he filled a void in my heart in a way no one else could.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My owner is very patient and loving with me. In our 5 years together, he has never so much as raised his voice at me. He always feeds me before himself, he's helped me conquer my fear of water so now I can enjoy swimming and he's taken me on lots of fun road trips! As grateful as I feel to have him as my owner, D.J. says that he is in fact the lucky one and he loves when I jump on him and lick his face!!

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