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The Shelter Pet Project




Katie Kobylenski


Windsor, VT


Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society

Why Oscar is so special:

Oscar was friendly when we met him at the shelter, but since he has been with us, he has become my personal sidekick. I wake up most mornings to find him sleeping above my head on my pillow, purring loudly. If I don't feel well, he looks at me with concern and curls up on my lap, purring all the while. I could not ask for a better companion! He might not have been the adorable, playful kitten many want when they get a pet, but he is my fun, loving, and sweet little boy!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Oscar would want to know why I can't just stay home and give him love all day. He also would thank me for the numerous "cloud" blankets we have in the house that he loves to curl up in and sleep the day away when I can't be home tending to his every need.

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