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The Shelter Pet Project


Harper (Grey) & Della (Dilute torti)


Mandy Eaton


Raleigh, NC


Safe Haven for Cats

Why Harper (Grey) & Della (Dilute torti) is so special:

Harper and Della here adopted out, returned years later, adopted out again, returned again. Senior cats are always harder to adopt and these two needed to stay together. I fell in love with these gentle, mellow kitties and knew they would fit in with my feline family. Della is my companion at the computer, Harper sleeps beside me or on me. You'd never know they are seniors when the toys come out!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

How grateful they are I was willing to adopt older kitties when they are often overlooked. How wonderful it is that I have a table by the window for them to look out.

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