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The Shelter Pet Project




Leslie Celia


West Chester, PA


Chester County SPCA

Why Doug is so special:

I adopted my Dachshund, Doug, because I thought he needed a soft place to land in his senior years. He was very quiet, sleeping mostly in the shelter, with a white face swollen on one side with a tumor. I didn't think anyone else would take him, and since my other two dogs were seniors, he would fit right in. It turns out the tumor was harmless, and dogs his size can live to be 20! Two years later he is the light of my life, my constant companion and my pride and joy.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My person thought she was saving me, but if you ask me, she needed me more! Of course she loves me, why not? Look at me! Her human is away a lot, and that suits me just fine - I get to sleep on his side of the bed. She was very trainable, after a few missteps she's got my schedule down just fine - so no accidents now, and the food is great. She doesn't require a lot of grooming, but I do it anyway, 'cos she seems to like it. She thinks I'm kissing her, so she kisses me back- a lot. We're pretty happy. After we garden together, I love taking long naps on her lap.

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