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The Shelter Pet Project




Don Heath


Norcross, GA


Lazenby Animal Rescue

Why Chester is so special:

Chester is a sweet guy who gets along very well with his adoptive sisters, Domino and Gracie (Gracie is also his natural half sister, also rescued). He sometimes sleeps on the pillow next to mine. He is handsome and a natural athlete. He climbs like a mountain goat and jumps like a jackrabbit. He squeals when he is waiting for me to get his food bowl down to the floor. When he is not sleeping or yawning, his eyes stay very wide open. He always greets me in the morning when I get up.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Don is a decent enough guy. He feeds us well with grain-free quality food, makes sure that we have plenty of clean, fresh water to drink and he cleans the litter boxes every day. He lets us sleep anywhere we like. He lets me perch on his shoulders when I want to. He picks me up sometimes and calls me his buddy or his pal or his big boy. He gives us cool toys to play with. He does make us go with him to the vet's office sometimes. Otherwise he keeps us inside. I like him a lot except when he uses the vacuum cleaner, then I hate being around him and run and hide. He has a bad habit of going away most days for several hours but he always comes back before we get too hungry. He's okay but he has an annoying knack for putting his big feet exactly where I want to go.

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