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The Shelter Pet Project




Candice Atkinson


, NJ


Gloucester County Animal Shelter

Why Bronx is so special:

Bronx was at the Gloucester County Animal Shelter for a while, with nobody remotely interested in adopting him. When we took him home, we noticed he was abused as he would cower quite often. After a few months with us, Bronx has really come out of his shell, acts like the puppy he truly is and you can tell he feels safe with us. He is our teddy bear, he loves to be held, cuddled and given hugs & kisses!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Bronx would most likely say that we spoil him to no end and treat him like a king! He is allowed to take naps in bed with us and while on the bed, we tuck him in under blankets. Bronx would say he lived a rough life with has last owner and he is spoiled now with a large extended family that loves him to pieces!

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