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The Shelter Pet Project




Laurie Gaetano


Tucson, AZ


Pima Animal Care Center

Why Oliver is so special:

Oliver has come a long way from his shelter days, and I feel so blessed that he has taken me with him on his journey. On May 17th we celebrated three joyful years together! I may have saved him that fateful day, but he has rescued me and countless others, every day since! Besides being a proud Ambassador for, he is also a Certified Therapy dog and store mascot at our local Humane Society's Thrift Store. I invite you to come along on our journey and!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My wish is that every shelter pet would know the love that I have found and every person feel the kind of joy only a shelter pet can bestow. With the help of my mom, I am sharing my shelter pet friends message with the world...a shelter pet is the best thing to happen to a person! ~Oliver

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