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The Shelter Pet Project




Shannon Aschenbrenner


Woodbury Heights, NJ


Salem County Humane Society

Why Buster is so special:

After one adoption fell through, we went back and the last dog we looked at was named Buster. He had been found the day before and hadn't been checked by vet yet. We didn't care, it was love at first sight. We filled out the application, only to receive a call next day that he was found to have severe heart worms, Lyme's, and ear infections. They asked if we wanted another dog, we said no, and waited 3 months for him to get well. We've had him almost 3 years and he's been the best companion ever!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

He would probably say thank you and that he loves us too :)

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