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The Shelter Pet Project


Toffee & Lucy


Rebecca Vincent


Bay Area, CA


Tri-City Fremont Animal Shelter

Why Toffee & Lucy is so special:

We adopted Toffee because she was so playful & got along with our 3yr old son. When she played with him she didn't use her claws or bite him, but she did with us! So we went back to the shelter & got her a friend. Lucy was free from Maddie's Adoption. They play all day together & when they tire they snuggle for cat naps. My husband & I are no longer toys, just loving owners of Toffee & Lucy!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Thanks for adopting me a friend. Its so nice to have a playmate who can play just like I want to. Thanks for keeping my litter box clean, my food dishes full, and for giving me loving attention that just makes me purr. I love being part of a human/cat family <3

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