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The Shelter Pet Project




Anita Groshans


, TX


Garland Animal Shelter

Why Abby is so special:

Abby is such a wonderful little girl!! I visited my local shelter every week looking for a special little girl. After 3 months, she was there! It was love at first sight. We think her owners gave her up at about 3 months, because she was a handful. She is now 2 years old and so amazing! She gets compliments all the time oh how cute she is , but her personality is the cutest!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Abby tells us all that time that she loves us! She appreciates us for taking time to teach her tricks and work with her because she loves to learn. But most of all, she tells us how grateful she to have a family who loves her and gave her a chance.

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