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The Shelter Pet Project




Alan Schwartz


Surp[rise, AZ


4 Paws

Why Cammi is so special:

She grabbed our attention right away by staring and staring and staring at us. It was evident that she chose us, not the other way around. She had been returned to the shelter for some reason or other. She is such a sweet little girl. There is rarely a moment that she is not in motion. She does not meow; she "squeaks". She loves to be brushed and spreads her love around to everyone. This picture is one of the few times she is still.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

It worked! I got them to take me home. I like my new humans. I like to jump and explore but they keep telling me to stay off the counters. Boohoo. My roommate cats are not sure of me yet. Soon? I am loved and here I'll stay.

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