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The Shelter Pet Project




Olivia Wakida


Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


Harbor Animal Care and Control

Why Jackson is so special:

I know this sounds cliche, but the first time Jackson and I met, it was love. Once I laid eyes on my little boy, I couldn't leave him. He was terrified, shaking, skittish and needed A LOT of TLC. Almost a year later, he is a completely different dog. He's incredibly intuitive, loving, intelligent, loyal, and despite his miniature size, he is my protector and greets me happily every time I come home - regardless of the time. He's my cuddle bug, confidant, best friend, my everything.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Well, Olivia, she's a bit clingy. Loves to hold me, hug me, cuddle with me, and tells me at least 20 times a day that she loves me and that I'm a good boy. Recently she got a little sling to put me in when she goes shopping - not my favorite activity, but I'm just happy that I get to tag along. No more lonely days and cold nights at the shelter for me. Oh, and I only sleep on beds - I have to share "mine" with Olivia, but oh well, it's worth it. She's constantly hogging my bed though - I like to sleep horizontally across the bed, but she sleeps vertically...strange human....

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