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The Shelter Pet Project




Kathryn H


, CA


Sonoma County Animal Care & Control

Why SophieBelle is so special:

I met Sophie while her adoption status was on hold at the shelter. She had a mass on her left shoulder and a biopsy was pending results. The DVM called me to tell me that she had cancer and what the prognosis was. It didn't matter - I wanted to give her last year(s) on earth the best they could be. She has become a huge part of our family and is a sweet, gentle lovebug. I love her so much! I will only adopt shelter pets in the future. They all deserve a second chance at love.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

"I love food, love bellyrubs, love to ride in the car, take naps, and go for walks. Did I mention that I love food?"

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