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The Shelter Pet Project




Christie Uselton


Orlando, FL


Orange County Animal Control

Why Colby is so special:

When I met Colby he was alone in a kennel, emaciated, and nameless. He broke my heart and I had to help him. I worked with my vet to give him the best care to get him healthy and back up to normal weight. I gave him a name and a home. He's now a beautiful, happy dog without a care in the world. He is the most loyal and affectionate dog anyone could hope for and I'm glad I could give him the home and the life he deserves.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

If Colby could talk, I know he would tell you how happy he is to have a home where he's loved and a yard full of balls to play fetch. He'd also tell you how great of a cook I am because I've always got tasty, healthy treats for him to gobble up!

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