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The Shelter Pet Project


Tiffany Sarrah


Sue Resnick


Forest Hills, NY


North Shore Animal League

Why Tiffany Sarrah is so special:

Tiffany chose to spend her life with me when she was five months old; now, she's a glorious 16 years young! And, when I took her home, I was told that she'd live only to 2-3 years, due to her asthma. It's taken a lot of love - and great vets - for Tiffany to continue to be light of my life.
Two years ago we adopted a Maine Coon cat, Jack, to keep Tiffany company. My furbaby is the ultimate cougar: Jack is six years old, and gorgeous!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

That I truly love her, and Jack. And because of my extensive charity work and donations to animal causes, Tiffany knows that I love (almost) all furry creatures. She'd also say that I take great care of her because everyday I'm reminded that Tiffany is the light to my darkness.

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