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The Shelter Pet Project




Sally Henderson


Pittsburgh, PA


Angles For Animals

Why Vinnie is so special:

Wish he could tell us what the first seven years of his life were like - but it doesn't matter. He is a true "Live in the Moment" dog. I know before he was taken into the shelter, he was left outside during a very cold and icy winter. He was very underweight and had a little frost bite on one of his georgeous ears. He went into a foster home and they helped him, but because of their work schedule, he was crated for over ten hours a day. He was there for over six months. Too old they said. NOT!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

They love me, they let me play with balls, they take me for walks, they don't mind that I can still jump five feet straight in the air - oh look - there's a squirrel ! They let me sleep anywhere I want to, and they tell me I am a good boy. They are my forever people and that's great with me!

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