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The Shelter Pet Project




Lane Kuiler


Nietap, The Netherlands


Dierenasiel Swinge

Why Perry is so special:

Perry was the only cat who didn't want to play. All the other kittens were playing with the toys they got, but Perry wouldn't move a paw. So that was the moment I knew he was going home with me. Once we were home, Perry was diving for cover under the couch and chairs, but after a few hours, it was better. Now, a few months later, he does high fives on command and jumps!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I think he would thank me and tell me he loves me and would beg me to never give him up. The shelter was a good place, but it just wasn't the place for him. He loves to play with me and loves to sleep in peace without anyone around. I think he would thank me for a better life. Just like I thank him for making mine better!

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