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The Shelter Pet Project




Barbara Blackman


Voorhees, NJ


PAWS Adoption Center

Why Savannah is so special:

Savannah is the light of my life, my heart, my world. She has changed the minds of every single person she has ever met who never knew that Pitbulls could be so awesome. She has gotten her CGC certification and is a therapy dog. She goes everywhere with me, allows numerous foster dogs of all sizes into our home, and teaches them how to be well-balanced dogs. We have another adopted Pittie whom she is best friends with, and an adopted kitty she sleeps with every night. She has helped me find my way. I love her.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My mommy is the best. She spoils me rotten, keeps me safe from harm and keeps me warm at night. She treats me so special. I never have to fear that I will be lost, hurt or scared again. She loves me and my fur sisters and every other doggie that she fosters so much.

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