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The Shelter Pet Project




Cassie Paoli


Vernon Hills, IL


Kay's Animal Shelter

Why Charlee is so special:

Charlee is the best dog I could ever have asked for. She is so pretty and well-behaved! She brings me the greatest joy every single day we spend together. From dog park to bath time, my brown dog is my angel!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

"I came from a cold, bare kennel at just 3 months old. With ears way too big for my body and eyes just like a doe's, I was surprisingly all alone. I had no person to care for me and I was so scared and sad every time someone walked past my run. Then one day, a sweet girl came in, took one look at me and we both knew we what we had been waiting for. From that day forward, life has been just swell! Rawhides every day, a bed fit for a queen, and the love I've always dreamed of! I'm so thankful that my mama knew where to look and scooped me up!

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