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The Shelter Pet Project




Lori Medlin


, NE


Heartland Pet Connection

Why Boomer is so special:

Boomer is special because he has enriched our lives so much. He lets my daughter give him hugs and has never once growled at her. He loves to cuddle, play ball, do tricks such as shake, play soccer with his ball (he kicks it to us), lay down, sit, come and stay. He loves to cuddle which is pretty funny, he barely fits on the couch! He loves to go swimming and on long walks. We get many compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. We can't imagine our lives pre-Boomer! He is the sweetest dog!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I am so grateful that my family gave me my forever home. They take me on walks, let me go swimming, play ball with me. They give me treats every morning, and if they forget, I give them a little reminder by putting my paw on their legs. The littlest one sometimes hugs me a little too tight, but I never complain! My favorite thing to do is play ball, I could play that game all day I tell you! They even let me sleep on the couch, what could be better than that? I love my forever family! Remember-DON'T SHOP, ADOPT!!

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