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The Shelter Pet Project




Lisa Durant


, FL


Orange County Animal Services

Why Sammy is so special:

Sammy is special because he is special. I was not looking to add another furkid to the house, but when Orange County Animal Services posted on their Facebook page about Sammy, it was love at first sight - for me. Sammy is vision impaired and therefore considered special needs. Since most special needs kids get overlooked in shelters, I tried everything I could to find him a good home. Little did I know that good home would be mine.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Sammy tells me everyday how much he loves being in a home. He might say he does not care for his eyes to be cleaned and medicated but that he loves the kisses I give him during the procedure. He would tell me, thank you for taking a chance on me and giving me some brothers and sisters to play with too. He knew the second I met him and he gave me a hug that he would be going home with me. He will be loved forever in his forever home.

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