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The Shelter Pet Project




Tracey Koehler


Gunnison, CO


Rocky Mountain Japanese Chin Rescue

Why Annie is so special:

Annie was first rescued from a pet store, where she was marked “defective” and slated to be sent back to the puppy mill. She had severe luxating patellas, so couldn’t use her back legs and her owner was unable to afford the surgery. Due to personal circumstances, Annie’s owner relinquished her to Rocky Mountain Japanese Chin Rescue. Thanks to donations and a generous discount from the vet, Annie had both of her patellas repaired. Today, she runs and plays and is one of the silliest dogs I’ve ever met. I am grateful to everyone who cared for Annie and brought her into my life.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My mama is the bestest. I love to make her laugh and she spoils me with treats and toys. Life is good.

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