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The Shelter Pet Project


Pumpkin Pie


Lisa Bellisario


Whitehorse, Canada


Tampa Humane Society

Why Pumpkin Pie is so special:

I fostered three baby kittens from a local shelter. While bottle feeding the babies, I fell in love with an Orange Tabby who was so ill, they were going to euthanize him. Instead, I adopted him! Four months later, I adopted my daughter from the foster care system (she was four years old at the time). Like Pumpkin Pie, she was a new addition to the family. They bonded like crazy and he helped her adjust to her new family. His influence on my new daughter was and IS priceless. Adoption IS an option!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

She is a TRUE animal lover who gives and gives through extensive volunteer time at the shelter and no-kill cat association.

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