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The Shelter Pet Project




Deedra Stanley




Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter

Why Fiona is so special:

The day we met Fiona, she was a skinny little dog covered in fuzzy fur and was getting bullied by her brothers at the pound. We took her home with us and transformed her from pound puppy into pampered princess. She puts a big capital "H" on happy. Whether she's digging a toy out of her toy box to play fetch or flopping down for a belly rub, Fiona is a joy to have in our home. Quite simply, we love her.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Fiona would mostly talk about her favorite person, our youngest daughter, Dora. Dora is her playmate, cuddle buddy, and supreme spoiler of Fiona. Dora will stop anything she's doing whenever Fiona wants attention. Fiona likes the rest of us pretty well but it's Dora she loves. She follows Dora everywhere. She waits in the window while Dora is gone at school, starts barking madly when she sees the car come up the road, then performs a flying tackle when Dora steps through the door. Fiona isn't Dora's dog, Dora is Fiona's human.

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