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The Shelter Pet Project




Karen Malone


McKinney, TX


SPCA McKinney

Why Coco is so special:

Cocopuff, Little Bit, Fluffybutt. Coco goes by many names and answers to all of them. We brought her home weighing only about one-and-a-half pounds and she immediately fell for our Terrier, Lala. I lived in fear that the dog was going to hurt her, but they are close buddies. She is a sweet-talking kitty that knows no fear and lives for knocking things over or putting her paws in my fish tank. We adore her and she is our little furry girl.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I love my family and my sister, Lala. They let me sleep on their pillow and bought me my own high-rise kitty tower to look of the window. They won't let me go outside, though, and I REALLY want to get closer to the birds that I "talk to" through the window.

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